35% Lower Cost - 98.5% Accuracy - Overnight TAT - Secure

  • Our web site is fully secure with a 256-bit encryption.
  • We can work with EMR and other transcription platforms.
  • By using SELECTRONIC you can reduce your transcription costs by at least 35% quality and improving efficiency (guaranteed 24 hours TAT).
  • Our unique user friendly Internet based secure system also cuts out all communication costs. By using a digital recorder with built in computer connectivity, a PC and access to Internet, we provide you a secure cost free end to end HIPPA compliant Web based transcription system
  • Alternatively, we can pick up voice files from your FTP server, transcribe and drop the transcribed word files on the same server.


For major users of our transcription process we can access the voice files from the client’s ftp server or transcription platform or EMR. We can log in and transcribe on line using the client’s platform/software or transcribe off line and drop the transcribed files back on the ftp server.


Selectronic has designed a special in house process for use by individual doctors and small practices, who cannot afford a Server and who are not computer savvy. The doctor has to dictate into a digital cassette, which is then plugged into a PC. The dictation is then sent to the SELECTRONIC server by dialing into the internet and pressing the upload key. In the same way transcribed word files are downloaded from the Selectronic web site by dialing into the internet and pressing the download key.

For this all that the doctor needs is a standard off the shelf digital recorder, a PC and an internet connection. This simple to use process does away with the need for servers, IT knowledge and team as well as communication costs (other than internet) and is very cost effective and safe.  We assign each of our clients an individual directory and space on our server, each client can then log into our server using their confidential ID and password and start uploading the jobs to us in the specified directory assigned. The job is then picked up from the specified directory and passed on to the production department for transcription after converting it to the requisite format.
The transcriptionists with the aid of the headphones listen to the dictation and `key-in’ the dictation into their software. When the process of transcription is completed, the document (both the word file and sound file) goes to the Quality Assurance section where the document is re-checked for errors. The Quality Assurance team has expertise in editing, formatting, grammar usage and proofreading skills. The document is carefully edited, proofread, formatted so that there is no discrepancy or error whatsoever. The document is corrected to 100%.

The second level QAs check at random the outgoing production. Once the task is accomplished the document is sent back as MS WORD file in the agreed format.

The transcription is done in the production unit of the company. The reports go though several stages to ensure 100% quality as described above.
The Quality Assurance team consists of the: 

  • Quality Controller or QC - Quality and accuracy is the primary emphasis of this person. This is implemented by different methods, which may include:
    - Conducting on the job training program and workshops to keep abreast with the latest Medical Terminology, procedures and new developments in the filed of medical science.
    - Specialized training on the feedback given during the course of the week based on the QC’s and Lead QA’s findings and recommendations.
    - Training programs in English grammar usage-punctuation etc.
    - Individual and personal assessment of all transcriptionists and quality analysts.
  • Doctors - We have access to other doctors to provide additional assistance with the medical portion if needed.
  • QA leads - They perform a 2nd level QA on already QAed reports, assist the QA’s/MT’s as and when required and provide essential feedback to them.
  • QA’s - They perform the first level QA on transcribed reports and provide feedback.
The TAT (Turn-Around-Time) is the standard time specified in which the dictation is ought to be transcribed, edited, formatted, proofread and exported back to the client. The company at present provides non-stop medical transcription services round the clock, 365 days a year, seven-days-a-week to the doctors/physicians the United States.

The shift system enables to meet the TAT and thus plays a pivotal role in accomplishment of the task. Currently we transcribe reports in a TAT of between 2 to 24 hours, based on the client’s need. Equal stress is always given to both quality and the TAT. We are also doing Progress notes for Hospitals with a special Turn around of 2-4 hours.
We guarantee full confidentiality

  • Voice and data files are encrypted during transmission
  • Data is securely maintained behind FIREWALLS
  • A “Virtual Private Network” is created during transmission
  • Electronic security ensures that information can only be saved on network hard drives
  • Employees are bound by enforceable non-disclosure agreements.
  • Data is electronically shredded when jobs are completed.


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